Success Story:
House of Simona

NewGlue helped Danait find a unique coffee brand and branded products to market her business.

"I already bought two logos for my businesses at NewGlue. I can't recommend this service more highly! Amazing designs, user-friendly tools, and after receiving the first printed merch for House of Simona, I felt a deep sense of pride for my business."

Danait Hagos

How did it all start?

House of Simona is a coffee brand sourcing specialty coffee from our ancestral farms in Ethiopia and works with sustainability. We are influenced by our Ethiopian & Eritrean heritage as well as Scandinavian minimalism. I immediately fell in love with the elegant and subtle look of the logo, and to see all designs before purchase was a big relief because I could see how the brand would unfold.

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What happened next?

"It all happened really fast. Think I pressed buy in 30 seconds, and then immediately jumped into the social tool to create some posts for my Instagram. I just felt really excited and inspired to get House of Simona off the ground as quickly as possible."

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"Yes, the Team at NewGlue always gave me support or clarified things when I needed help choosing the right files and formats for the various channels. Thanks for all your help throughout my journey! You guys have been great!"

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