Success Story:

NewGlue crafted a logo and website for JustPlay so players can donate their earnings to a charity. ​

"We're laser-focused on building a product that makes a difference. NewGlue was the perfect way to jumpstart an amazing brand and online presence we are super proud of!"​

Carl Livie

How did it all start?

What did JustPlay need first?

"JustPlay enables players around the world to be rewarded for the time they invest in playing games they love. We consider this a new paradigm in digital entertainment and our part in trying to build a more fair world. NewGlue delivered a modern logo and brand guidelines in a trustworthy blue!"

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But you also needed a branded website?

"Yes, we did! Even though we're a tech company, branding and web is not our focus. We're dedicated to building a great product, and NewGlue created a branded website that breathes our mission and vision. Watching it come together so quickly was incredible!"

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