Success Story:

NewGlue helped Moritz rebrand Kingsleague with a fresher and more recognizable look and feel in deep red and bold fonts.

"We spoke with many designers and agencies, non impressed as us much as NewGlue. Obviously, using NewGlue's social tool with our updated brand is a huge boost to our business and saves us many hours every month."

Moritz Drechsel
Co-Founder & CEO

How did it all start?

"Kingsleague is a Berlin based startup taking on the competitive online video-gaming market! We already had a logo but the team just didn't love it. We started talking to agencies about rebranding Kingsleague, but all offers were insanely pricey and we never really clicked. Then, we came across NewGlue and were all immediately impressed."

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What happened next?

"We booked a free intro call with NewGlue and received some free design suggestions. Then, we found a path we wanted to go down with a new logo icon, font and amazing brand colors that just pop right off the page."

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Did you need anything else from NewGlue?

"Yes, we needed sophisticated but easy to follow brand guidelines that both our developers and marketers could use to build our vision. I also really love the social tool! It's fun to work with and even I can quickly create a few awesome, branded posts without having any design skills!"

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