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NewGlue helped Linnea craft a beautiful and trustworthy website matching her brand's mission to build a health oasis for dogs.

"I love my new website! New bookings are coming in every day, and all the dogs are getting woofalicious."

Linnea Thyren

How did it all start?

"Penny's gives your dog a first-class spa treatment or haircut while giving owners tips on dog fur health and coat treatments. I knew my website also had to have first-class design because dog owners are super picky and gaining their trust is a must. NewGlue helped me tell my story in a beautiful and user-friendly way."

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Is winning the trust of dog owners easy?

"Not at all. Sometimes it feels like they care more about the dogs than their children, haha! But seriously, dog owners are super tough customers! So, my whole brand, website, and shop experience had to be amazing for pet owners to fall in love with Penny's."

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Anything else you want to say about NewGlue?

"Just wanted to thank everyone again that has worked on the Penny's project. It really has been a joy from start to finish and I couldn't be more thrilled about the end result. Also, I love using the Social Tool for posts. Saves me the headache of trying to learn photoshop when all I want to do is help the doggies!"

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