Success Story:

NewGlue helped Sensorem build trust with customers, delivering a brand identity, website and business cards.

"NewGlue was recommended by our incubator. I immediately felt relieved because We could see our name in amazing logo suggestions and all design material before buying!"

Bobo Delemark
​​CEO & Co-Founder

What excited Sensorem the most about NewGlue?

"Sensorem's mission is to enable seniors to live in their private homes longer before moving into a retirement home, “Smart home” adapted for seniors. We were so excited when we found our logo on NewGlue and changed it to a light blue using the edit tool. Once we made our decision, it took seconds until we had everything we needed."

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Is communicating with elderly customers easy?​

"It is a target group where branded printed materials and business cards help to explain what we do and are important tools for our customers to get in touch."​

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Anything else that you feel is noteworthy?

"NewGlue has been super helpful with launching our senior smartwatch, which is connected to an app, because Sensorem overall feels more modern and credible. The custom website NewGlue built for us is elegant and to the point. Even our elderly customers find it easy to use and understand!"

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